Wow POW Chow

Wow POW Chow

In one of my previous articles I thoroughly explained ‘openness’. For me one of the core principles in which I practise and try to grow. It is an amazing gift to yourself and others to be a little more open each time. One of the ways I found particular useful in increasing your connection with the people close to you is to express the ‘wow pow chow’.

So what is it all about. It is definitely not something new but I like this format very much. We used this regularly with the volunteer group in the Sangla valley in India. Dan, a typical enthusiastic and loud American guy, came up with this idea. Let me elaborate: the “wow” is, as the word already suggests, your most amazing moment of the day. Most of the time I take the first thing that I can think of. The “pow” is your least favourite thing in the day, something that bothers you or annoyed you. The “chow”, my favourite, is the food you liked the best this day, isn’t that great ;).

A very simple exercise but it found it very powerful. It gives a sneak peak into the life of the other person and, if desired, the perfect opportunity to start a deeper conversation. Sometimes you want to express something but you cannot find the right moment for it. This time is perfect for these kinds of thoughts.

Have a try and let me know how it is going for you 🙂 

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