What can we learn from death?

What can we learn from death?

The one certainty in life is that we should pay our tax and that we will die. The tax thing is relatively good to deal with, but death, that is for some a terrifying though. Something that should not be brought up and spoken out load. But at whatever angle you approach it, it is inevitable. You will die, if you like it or not. Will future technology not save us, make us unbeatable? You can question if this is the one thing you want to base your hope on. And a better question: is it even desired to live forever? If you can, with the life you now have, would you be happy? Would it be fulfilling or would you die from boredom? What can we even learn from the one certainty in life, death?

There are multiple points of view. Let’s start with the most objective one. Your bodily functions cease to operate in a coherent way and therefore, you as a human, is unable to live longer. It is the end of the road. As a car that is being used extensively and finally breaks down due to wearing out, so does the body wear out in the same way. Medically the cells are limited in deviation. When too old, no new ones can be created.

So what does this tell us? As with the car that requires regular inspections and maintenance to prolong its life, so does the body need a healthy lifestyle to function properly at old age. The number one cause of death in western society is caused by lifestyle diseases. Eating too much junk food, lack of exercise, smoking, and mental instability lead to diabetes, heart diseases, and all types of cancer. So what can you change right now to prolonged your life? Is it to finally make a jump to that desired marathon? Or signup for a cooking class to set the first step in eating a healthy diet? Progressing in these areas will make you feel better about yourself and the world around you.

A second viewpoint on death is looking at it completely subjectively. Meaning, looking at it as if life is not objectively real but merely simulated by a higher entity. Some kind of AI is thinkable. Maybe easier is to visualise is as if you are walking in a dream world. Meticulously put together by your brain.

Is life simulated by a higher entity? 

So what does dead mean in this context? If it is all simulated, dreamed of, not real, then why do you need to whole concept of dead? Well, dead does create a time bounding element in life. What would you do if there is no end to time? Doesn’t that create some kind of laziness? Within the face of time constrain, people suddenly start to do the very things that they should have done months or years ago.

A similar experience I had last winter of this year. I was struck by a hefty eye infection. It was diagnosed with possible connections to family rheumatics. I saw the physical discomforts of the last few years in a new light. It could all be connected with rheumatics but is medically hard to proof. It woke me up. I was determined to be in super good health to reduce risks of this disease. I went to several doctors, I looked at my diet on what to improve and I started running, cycling and doing yoga regularly to improve my body.

So, what can you level up knowing the limits of time? Is it your boring job? Your average relationship? Or maybe your circle of friends? Don’t waste your time. It doesn’t matter if this life is completely real or a made-up dream, the end is always closer than you think.

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