Upcoming Travel

Upcoming Travel

The time is near when I will leave the comforts of the Netherlands. The thought of making such a large trip around the world started at least one and a half years ago. I wanted to do meaningful work, helping the world, exploring my true self, learn, and stretch myself by really diving deep into an unknown situation. Volunteering work was the thing that came up every time. That will be the main part of my trip to Greece and India.

It will be an inner spiritual journey. Confronting my personal beliefs of the world and who I am. At least, that is what I’m expecting. I will test my trust in this reality. I will feel stressed and feared at times, that is certain with the difficult situation on Lesbos and the hectic culture in India. I can only say that somehow India is calling inside me. It is the feeling that I am following and hopefully it turns out to be a good one.

The time to start packing in is near. I will be confronted with all my personal belongings and attached memories. I have to decide on what to keep and store in a box for later, and what to kindly say thank you to (inspired by Marie Kondo) and put away. For me this is a great moment to declutter and follow the minimalist movement. Something that really attracts me for some reason. Having only the items around you that inspire you and make you happy. I do see a strong correlation between spirituality and minimalism. Both indicate that “stuff” is not the thing that will make you happy in the end. It is temporary to satisfy the ego mind, just as with a nice piece of pie and a good coffee. You can acknowledge the satisfaction that it gives you, but you have to be aware if you can see this from a higher point of view. Meaning, recognising that indeed I feel my ego being satisfied. It is about being fully conscious of these decisions. Knowing where the underlying current comes from.

I have to see goodbye to colleagues, friends, and family. They know that this is the path I have to take at this point in my life. To explore and get a better understanding of the world. My intention is to update this blog with travel stories but I’m not sure how able I am to do this. It can result in very irregular spontaneous posts. It will be my inner journey. It requires careful thinking and processing.

My current plans are found here loafoflife.nl/travel

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