The right moment and the right place

The right moment and the right place

If you force your way through life it instead of using flow, you end up in situations that might not be the best for you in this moment. You feel it. The situation doesn’t give you energy. It drags you down. You might consider that at this moment in time something else is better suited for you. It might be that the exact same situation in a few years will mesmerise you. The universe brings exactly the right thing on your path. But only if you can trust and listen to it.

I can give you a few examples. Years ago I bought the book ‘meditations’ by the roman emperor Marcus Aurelius. A friend suggested it to me as a stunning book. For years it was sitting unread on my bookshelf. I just never had the urge to read it. Until that one day I took it out, blew the dust away, and started reading it. I was amazed of how beautiful the emperor had written down his contemplations. So old but still so relevant. At that moment it was the right time for me to read the book.

In early January Michael approached me to start an even bigger refugee project than he had done previous year. To my surprise his schedule exactly fitted my plans to leave my job and start traveling. My intention was to explore the world and learn new ways of experiencing this life. I didn’t had to think, it was already written in the stars ;). 

On this travel I experienced also the low energy and disinterest. Both the volunteer work projects (as hiking guide and on the farm) were a good learning experience but were most of the time draining more energy than giving energy. Especially the work as hiking guide after just 2 weeks in India, felt more constraining then making me happy about the work that I did. Leaving the project earlier was not easy. I already scheduled this months in advance and I had the feeling that I owed the people something. In the end I just couldn’t ignore it and after leaving I immediately felt the energy returning. Excited about the new adventures ahead ;). It was just not the right time for me to do such a volunteer project. Probably if I did the volunteering at the end of my travels, it would have been a different experience.

The farm was more related to the wrong place. Since a long time already have a strong interest in permaculture. This place however was very draining for me as I had the feeling that I couldn’t express the qualities and expertise that I have. I’m not to say that I know everything but giving people a project and responsibility is much more motivating then constantly having to follow exact orders. I admire the people running the farming as the conditions are really tough (steep hill and very remote). The energy of the place was just not something I could get use to. I also noticed that I really liked to use my building and design skills in the projects on the farm. That was however not really available at that time. All in all I learned a bunch of stuff on farming, enjoyed the time together with the other volunteers, but mainly found out that my interests are shifting towards building with local materials (bamboo, mud houses, etc). This will probably my next volunteer experience. Time will tell 😉 

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