The balance of consumption and creation

The balance of consumption and creation

How often are you just consuming news articles, list to podcasts or watch Netflix? Do you have a bunch of book to get through? In present day, consumption is the main way people spend their time. This is of course fine as long as it is balanced.

I remembered clearly a moment a few months ago. I had all the time in the world, with my study progressing at a nice pace and plenty of time to spend on other things. I started to watch a lot of Youtube videos and interesting documentaires on Netflix. This was fun but up to a certain point. You probably already know this feeling of ‘boredom’ right. It is hard to explain and a weird¬†phenomena that reveals itself when you are perfectly fine. I could do whatever I wanted but somehow I didn’t feel like doing anything. All felt dead to me, unexciting as if I did not have the energy to do it.

There and then I started to realize this balance between consuming media and producing something worthwhile. I started to notice that I hadn’t created anything exciting in a long time, maybe except for my thesis work. I was just consuming what the world offered me. I was longing for something that I made by my hands and thoughts, that was truly me.

And so I did. I started this blog to share my thoughts, ideas and experiences. I felt a rush of excitement inside as I did something new and challenging. Finally I had an outlet to express my lingering thoughts and my vital life experiences that I desired to share so badly with people.

I think it is really important to look at your consumption patterns, keeping in mind that you need to balance them with your creative energy. What about spending less time on Facebook and using it to train your body? What about reading the world news an hour less a day and spending it to prepare a healthy meal? Why not create a vision bord of your next big trip? Or of course create a blog ;).

Maybe one other aspect to look into is how does misalignment and imbalance feel to you? Again this could be rather hard as it requires a good connection with your body. I know for me this is always a challenge as my mind is so eager to take control. It is trained so well that it is sure that it knows all. I can tell you, intuition should not be underestimated. It is very powerful and gives clear hints on what you truly want.

For me imbalance is expressed in being completely in my head. I start to see it the moment that I’m not fully present. It often makes me smile. Imbalance is also something that is accompanied with pressure in the stomach, a kind of unease. It can be felt in the body. Muscle tension, stiff tendons, pain in my shoulders and back, all signals that I’m pushing too much, that I need a good long break and come back down to earth. As I’m writing this I feel that today is such a day. Work to be done. Time for a long walk!¬†

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