Stepping out the thought train

Stepping out the thought train

Your head is bouncing from thought to thought without taking a rest. You have a feeling to keep thinking about this one crucial aspect. Completely engulfed in the brain. A train that is unable to stop due to slippery tracks. A fast intercity connection that only stops a few times in its journey. But you will not get out of the train that quickly. It is too comforting to stay in your seat and keep spinning a larger mind web. The outside seems scary and foreign. You are not sure how to deal with it.

At some point the head is too tired. The train stops with squeaking wheels for a red sign. You are ordered to get out. To leave the thought train. With some reluctance you get up from your warm seat and take a first step outside the train. It is cold. You shiver. You are not used to feel your body. And then you feel the head connected with the torso. The legs. The arms. All joined together to form the body. You feel your head is completely exhausted. You went too far again. Where am I?

You stand in the grass patch next to the train track. Lost. A big wheat field next to you. The clouds are covering the sun. Thick heavy clouds that could produce rain droplets any second. Your head is bouncing around in your head. It hurts. It wants to get out. Not possible to think anymore. Tremendous resistance is build up inside of you. You don’t want this. You start to feel the tension in your face. Your cheek muscles are as tense as a guitar string. Your stomach is compressed into your lower body. Your breath is high up in your lungs, almost in your throat.

The train stops with squeaking wheels for a red sign

But then something breaks. As if the body finally reaches the brain. The signals come through. You remembered the practise again. The Zen teacher told you the signs. The signs of being completely in your head. Consumed by past and future. Disregarding the present moment.

Moving slowly. Feeling the body. Step one. Up ahead in the wheat field a majestic oak tree comes into your sight. Full in leaves. Strong. Tall. The roots spring out at the base of the tree. Your intuition nudges you to explore it. To come closer… You give in. With some careful steps avoiding the dancing stems of the wheat plants, the tree is reached.

With a sigh of relieve you sit down. Step two. With some hesitation you focus on the fresh air that enters your nostrils. Leaves, thick grounding smell of the earth beneath. Before you the train is still standing on the track. Red, aerodynamic, small windows.

You start to focus inwards. The breath. The stomach slowly rising and falling. Counting the breaths. Slowly you feel lighter. The unease starts to lift. Your heart begins to send signals. Warmth is spreading through your body. Above, the clouds break and the first sun rays are hitting the ground in front of you. You notice the sounds of birds that fill your ears. You feel they sing just for you, their most beautiful song. A smile. You thank them with all your heart.

Up ahead, you notice the train is transformed. The aerodynamic, red vehicle is changed into a small steam train. The operator is waving and gesturing at you to re enter the train. You can wait but it is time again to make a little trip with the thought train. This time with ease and regular stops.

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