My friend the Universe

My friend the Universe

In many of my posts I discussed having trust in the process, your feelings, and the Universe. Within this sacred space there are many ways to frame your perspective. Personally I love to take the viewpoint of ‘the Universe as my supporting buddy’. It aligns myself with a more playful attitude towards life.

This view might be a bit much for people. You have to realize that it is just a perspective you can choose yourself, just as you can choose that all of this is just a dream world. Your life could be full of random coincidences or you could frame it as if the Universe is guiding you. I know what perspective I would choice! 

Seeing this life as random and meaningless feels empty to me. Taking the perspective of “my life path”, already set out, with every action happening for a reason, guided by a higher force, makes me smile and appreciate it. It doesn’t mean a god like figure on a cloud, just a gently force that is pushing your life where it needs to go to. You can either observe this gently push and follow the flow, or ignore it. It is up to you!

It can be hard to put in practice as the mind is often in control. It tries to have its own version of this reality. It desires to feel secure, comfortable, attached to material things. Letting go, against all fears, is the only way to surrender to your known life path.

Let me explain two recent events that made me think of my friend the Universe (this sounds really nice ;)). As it happened I could see it as if the Universe was helping me. In that moment it made me really happy ;). 

A few weeks ago an idea emerged to ferment green cabbage to fresh homemade sauerkraut! Delicious right! I always wanted to try this. I looked up the recipe in one of my cookbooks, put it on the table and then…forgot about it. It didn’t seem right to do it there and then. A few days later friends of my parents visited and out of nowhere they handed me this perfect big glass jar. It almost looked exactly as the one in the recipe! With a smile I knew it was the right time to start! 

In Utrecht I came across this interesting, good reviewed, Vietnamese streetfood restaurant. It was packed as it was Friday night but luckily a small table was free. I delighted myself with some delicious fried vegan egg rolls! When the bill came in, two small sweets wrapped in green plastic and covered with Chinese signs were next to the small paper. I immediately recognized them. Those were the same sweets a kind old man gave us at Lentil as Anything in Australia! I was amazed. I never seen these sweets in the Netherlands before and then out of nowhere they appeared. A wink from the Universe it is!

One interesting exercise is to take the “Universe” perspective for the next few weeks and notice what is showing up. Can you explain certain events in a different light? How is that changing your feeling about the circumstances? Be curious and open!

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