To find inner silence in this busy world a human needs time for itself. This can be a challenging journey at times. When one is committed on the spiritual path a new world opens up. A world of tranquillity, of love, and of inner joy. The following audio fragments help you get to this state. With all my heart: listen and enjoy ;).

Android app

A new android application is developed to mix and match your desired practises. You can download an alpha version of the app on google drive. Please follow the link or click on the android logo. 

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Full Practise

A 30 minute guided meditation with breathing exercises and closing prayer.


Cross nostril breathing exercise to become more present and reduce stress.


Find your inner peace with a 16 minute guided meditation.


Set your intention for the day or close the day with a thank you prayer. 


Sing along with the mantra ‘AUM Namo Narayanaya’ uplifting your energy.


Relax with this 12 minute laying down relaxation practise.