Finding alignment

Finding alignment

Throughout the subjective deep dive of this month the term ‘alignment’ keeps showing up. What is this and how is it manifested in this world? What exactly is the relationship between trust and alignment? And what about differences in alignment considering the subjective perspective vs the objective view?

For me alignment feels as a sustained energy field that generates flow. A movement that makes you forget time and the space around you. This is probably something everyone of us can relate to. How does this show up in your life? For me it presents itself when I take a good cup of coffee or tea and start writing. Or when I start figuring out the required complicated logic in a Grasshopper model. At times it happens when having fun with friends, just hanging out or having deep and interesting conversations.

Oke, so alignment as to do with flow and energy. Something we can feel in our body and recognise in our lives. This comes in handy as now we can analyse what makes us feel aligned and what makes us feel terrible. Creating more alignment in your life is essential to not be dragged down in the ‘rabbit hole’. Although this luxurious western life is the most comfortable we ever experienced in the existence of humankind, it is also the most complex and stressful it as ever been. Accepting misaligned opportunities breaks your flow and only extracts energy instead of generating it.

Analysing alignment with a subjective lens reveals interesting thought experiments. Couldn’t it be that misaligned events are a ‘wink’ from the ‘controller’ to push you in a certain direction? What if you don’t trust this process? What if you keep stuck in the misaligned job you hate? Your simulation will probably just accept it and brings you more of that. Until at some point the ‘controller’ starts pushing the so called ‘red’ button. Something dramatic happens, a major health crisis, or something related with your relationship. See it as a wake up call. Now you cannot ignore it any longer. You have to step up and take responsibility. Now it is time to grow.

Following your path with a heart creates powerful alignment in life. For me it means feeling truly connected, alive, and happy with your current direction. The things you do feel meaningful and give you joy. What would this be for you? Is it to finally open your own restaurant, build your own house, do a big trip abroad, or maybe something else? You might want to see your life as a story in a book. What is your next chapter? Where does it wants to go to next? Where do you feel the most energy flowing? A good question to start from is ‘what would I do if I think bigger?’.

My current travel plans are related to finding this path with a heart. Discovering what makes me feel alive and how I can write the next chapter of my life. I’m certain that this changes significantly during your life. Right now I feel that I need to experience the world. Find new perspectives that change my view on our western society and especially my current habits and beliefs. I know this will make me a much richer and appreciative person. In a few years from now, this path will change to maybe building up a career and a family. That is the natural flow of life. This is how growth should manifest.

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