Energy and light

Energy and light

Intuition, energy and light are the cornerstones of my current travel. What do I mean my that? What has energy and light to do with intuition?

I explained already that making decisions is a challenging undertaking, especially in this hectic country India where at each street corner you need to defend yourself against a flood of people that either want to sell you something or want to rip you off. The worst thing is both ;).

For me making decision is to use the flow principle and really follow my intuition. Making big decisions comes down to answering the question: where does the energy come from? Sometimes I need some meditation to find out, sometimes it is just very clear. For example figuring out where to go to in the State Rajasthan. Thinking and imagining the few cities on my list, I felt a strong energy and excited for Pushkar and Jaisalmer. That is enough for me to make the decisions. Of course sometimes this is balanced by practical arguments. So energy is very simple, you just have to feel what makes you excited and then go for it :).

What about light? I start to embrace more and more that everybody has a beautiful light in themselves. With some people you immediately notice it when you see them. Their eyes are open and bright, clearly portraying sincerity and trust. You feel relaxed around them, you are willing to let go more, and you are more giving. However, with many people it is quite the opposite. You see their past struggles somehow carved in their eyes. Tough childhood, bad marriage, sickness, all pains that they haven’t dealt with yet. It influences the way they interact with the world. It influences the way they see the world. They are running away from it losing contact with themselfs.

Of course everybody has been through many things in their life. Bad stuff happens to everybody but your perception on it is key. The people that radiate light have looked right in the lamp. The faced their fears, their pains, and embraced their struggle. Those are the true heroes of our planet. It is not easy. You have to look at the ugly stuff of yourself, the things you’re not proud of, but in the end you will come out as a freshly born butterfly!

I’m just starting on this journey and I already feel that it is testing my trust a lot. Choosing the path of light is by no means the easier one, exactly it is quite the opposite. For me it brings up my deepest insecurities, it challenges me to completely follow the flow of life and that is scary. My mind is trying to put up arguments and constantly thinks about the future. I have to calm it down. Following the light has nothing to do with the future. It is being completely in the now and doing what feels good.   

I truly believe that everybody has the same potential and light within. The key is to find it, live it, and express it as fully as possible! Isn’t that beautiful to think about. It makes me very happy :)!

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