Doing without heart

Doing without heart

How does doing feel without the connection to your inner world; your rich emotions, your deep feelings, your strong longings?

You do it for sure, that is what you are programmed to do as a human in this society; ignore the thinking mind and just perform. But in my experience you are not truly connected to the activity itself, you are just the object that is doing it. It feels empty as it doesn’t matter at all what the outcome is or even what the activity is. Plain, uninteresting, boring, lifeless. It doesn’t serve yourself or any higher goal.

Doing with heart and soul should feel the opposite; alive, flowing, full of energy, happy. It strongly resonates in your body and it matters a lot for you. The outcome is essential to you and your mission on this planet earth. This energy vibrates and attracts many other people that vibrate in the same frequency. It increases all energies around and good things are created.

It happens that for whatever reason you going through a rough unexpected emotional rollercoaster in your life, and suddenly nothing seems the resonate anymore. The thing that you loved suddenly feels plain, the work you were doing suddenly doesn’t resonate with your current frequency, the people in your life suddenly feel boring or misaligned.

It might be time for a break, to be truly present what is currently unfolding in your life, to surrender to all of the feelings that arise from deep within. The time might be right for a shift in your life, a growth experience, something that was already inside of you and now slowly awakens through your deep emotional state of being. This process is scary as outcomes might be unexpected, but the rewards of going through it are immense. It requires an open heart, a playful attitude, and an initial strong connection with your inner world. Next to this, it might be immensely valuable to have a good support network of friends, family, and people you trust, to help you through this time. It for sure is worth the big effort.

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