Day 16 – 25: Subjective Reality

Day 16 – 25: Subjective Reality

What is this reality and what is our objective in this world? An age old life question, right? I mean, it is hard to wrap your head around it. An interesting way of looking at it is through the lens of a movie. You have the writer who creates the story and scene, the director who organises the scene, and you: the actor who plays the scene.

With this perspective you can ask the director and writer for a certain scene. You can decide on how to play it in front of you. For example, when I walk to work. At that moment I decided to play out that scene in peace. A slow walking pace with spending plenty of time looking around and admiring the nice sunrise. It think this way of looking at the present moment is similar to setting an intention.

Something similar is then noticing the details around you, the people around you. Why are they there? The writer did this with a reason. Can you find this reason? What is the effect on you?

Setting goals

A few years ago I plunged myself in setting goals with each month. It did go hand in hand with the Bulletjournal I was using creating at the time. I set ambition stretch goals and powered through them. I remembered that I often felt pressured to do these things. This way of setting goals is a very objective and outcome focused. Steve explained the subjective way of setting goals.

Subjective goals are more focused on alignment and the present moment. Alignment with the energy you feel, the flow that you experience, the fun you have, the character development you experience. Of course the question: what feels aligned? What is the path with a heart?

From past experiences with for example creating the Grasshopper tutorials I know how it can feel. Somehow the fun Michael and I had thinking of this, creating the videos, designing the website, learning how to show information, stretching yourself to promote your product, makes you feel alive and meaningful.

So right now my life journey is pushing me away from working at White Lioness and starting a new chapter. A phase of my life to really stretch myself and trust life. To offer myself to the world. To connect to new people. To help with volunteer projects that are started from the heart, the kindness to the world, and with love for people. Somehow India popped up every time and I didn’t knew why. I can hear it calling inside me. A few months back I tried to cover it up. I was afraid of India of all the stories that I heard: a chaos, people getting sick, dirt and rubbish everywhere. I started to look at Thailand and neighbouring countries but it didn’t feel the same. Something inside me wasn’t satisfied. It took me awhile to agree with my intuition. As of right now a volunteer project in June is awaiting me.

I think Steve said it in a wonderful way: “Reality is a dance with no one in the lead”. This means that sometimes you can take the lead and carve your way through it, but sometimes you have to give your reality the lead and see what happens. I see this balance as vital and something I want to grow towards.

Thinking big

So what about ambition and setting goals? We are looking here for alignment. The feeling that this is indeed the path to go next. The lack of motivation and energy often comes from setting far too shallow goals. During my university at points I just wanted to pass some courses without having the heart in it. Doing as little as possible to pass the exam. This fell flat to me. I struggled to keep up, generate the energy to actually do something, and often I didn’t pass.

Setting a stretch goal, doing something you never done before, works much better.  I remembered clearly when I graduated or starting the Grasshopper website, that the most energy I got was when I started an ambitious goal. Often I had some personal stake in the outcome as well. These kinds of challenges, looking back on it, sculpted my character in a major way. I learned something new and it felt aligned to my personal story.

So think bigger. What could you do to regain control and energy in your life? As a matter of fact, listening to these episode of the deep dive, already confirmed the right direction I am about to go to. Volunteering work across the world. This will sculpt my character in a major way. I feel excited and also afraid. This is the perfect balance as something new should feel afraid in the beginning, otherwise your goal is not set high enough.

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