Books are put on bookshelf’s and often collecting dust for most of their life. Only occasionally a visitor passes by, taking it out of the bookshelf and glances through the pages. In my opinion it is always better that books are being used at their full potential; being read.

The books below I have sitting in my home. If you are interested in one of the them I would encourage you to ask me. I would be glad to hand them to you for the time you need to read it.

Meer zen, minder bubbels
The transformational power of fasting
The power of Now

A constant bombardment of impulses result in unprocessed experiences. This book is a practical guide to start your ZEN meditation practise.

Fasting can help to find your emotional, physical and spiritual balance in this world. A practical guide to start. Very insightful and taught me a great deal about how I interact with food.

The only thing that exist is the now! It is my first book on my spiritual path. Recently I reread it and I was amazed again on the simple but powerful concepts. Surrender and start your spiritual journey with this book.

The Alchemist
In the skin of a Lion
The Tibetan book of living and dying

This is my favourite book a read this year. Written in simple text but so full of deep thoughts that it spins my head. Each time a read it I see new insights. A must read!

A beautiful written story, almost like a poet, about the harsh times in the 1920. A different kind of book but very good.

This book is a very comprehensive guide on the Tibetan traditions. I was especially surprised how well I liked the ‘dying’ part of the book. 

High Performance Habits
Don Quixote

Well structured and informative book about 6 habits to perform as your best. Included is a range of exercise material to really dig deeper. Very insightful book and a good read.

Bought this book years ago but only started reading it a few years later. It is amazing to me that 2000 years ago a Roman emperor was struggling with the same aspects as I do! A must read.

A novel about a Spanish noble that reads to many chivalry books that he starts to believe he himself is a knight. Very funny to read the events that happen to him.