Are you doing your practises?

Are you doing your practises?

During our life, we are in a search for an explanation on our hidden pains and feelings, often accompanied with confronting life questions. The simple answer is to channel this energy towards an external source. To blame a situation or person for your faults and feelings. To ask someone for that one advice that is going to change your life for the better. But how will this turn out? I can imagine that such and advice will help in the short term. Will elevate your ‘negative’ feelings for a while but eventually these will return. The external guidance is just a ‘magic’ pill to suppress the symptoms. As a matter of fact, it didn’t change the fundamental underlying problem: be at ease with yourself.

I recognised this behaviour when I stumbled upon the interview with Dandapani on LondonReal. He mentioned a very powerful sentence that stuck with me for a long time: ‘are you doing your practices?’.

Dandapani from

He explained about his Hindu guru in the monastery on Hawaii. Dandapani lived their for 10 years practising to become ‘enlightened’ but mostly train his mind to see ‘human behaviour’. It takes tremendous courage and practise to completely be with yourself and accept all the good and ugly that you have in you. His guru guided him on this path. He was willing to help but in such away that he always reflected it back to Dandapani. Each time he came back he asked: ‘are you doing your practises?’, and often he had to say no. The guru send him away without saying a word.

This made so much sense to me: ‘are you doing your practises?’. If you are not persistently making effort to work on your problems, you have no control of your life. If you constantly need external sources to feel better and keep your life going, you have no control of your life. There is no ‘magic’ pill that will solve everything. All most all things in life take tremendous amount of time and willpower. It is good to start realising this in a conscious way. I think most people recognise the large effort it takes to become for example a doctor or engineer. Long years of hard study to finally reach this goal. But people often fail to see that their inner problems as large unrest, lack of purpose, dislike of themselves, also require hard inner work through inner searching, meditation practises or yogaretraites.

There is no ‘magic’ pill that will solve everything. All most all things in life take tremendous amount of time and willpower.

Knowing this I started to put more attention on my morning and evening routines. I reengaged with 2 times 20 min meditation practise each day, morning and evening, that I stopped doing months ago. I realised that if I want to be an expert of knowing myself I had to do the hard work of sitting still 40 min a day. Overcoming the initial discomfort I began to ease into it and notice the relaxing working of meditation. I think relaxation is not always a good word to describe meditation. Yes, you will start to become more present and you have time to process the things that keep you busy. But more often then not, these thoughts can cause large emotional fluctuations and sometimes drain your energy. This is all good, as there is no right and wrong in meditation. It indicates that you started the process of dealing with your ‘problems’.

What kind of practises you know you have to start doing to level up? Might it be to finally pick up the shoes and start doing the sports? Or might it be to begin doing your study work on a regular basis to improve your grades? Or is it time to start investigate about your purpose in life?

I think it is essential to first become aware of these aspects in your life, and then slowly but surely work on them. Set your goal, plan your path, and do your practises!

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