60 day subjective reality deep dive

60 day subjective reality deep dive

For the last few months my personal growth started to focus more on my past experiences. I explored the limiting beliefs that influence me on a daily basis. It requires analysis of how your mechanisms are engineered in your daily life. This is not easy as the limiting beliefs are shaped at a very young age and are completely integrated in who you are. The reason for such investigation is my desire to find my true path in life. To increase my trust in the Universe, and to change my perspective on the limiting beliefs. I want to figure out how I am, what I want, and how to get there.

The 60 day deep dive on subjective reality created by Steve Pavlina, approaches these questions from a different angle. It suggests that this reality is formed as dream or a simulation. That reality gives many more opportunities then you will ever see. That your vibe and energy influences the world around you, and that everything life throws at you is meant to sculpt your character, to learn from and make you stronger. It is about trusting the Universe, alignment, flow and connection to life.

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”

Dr Wayne Dyer

This lines up against the objective reality which manifest itself with you being a biological human being. That we live and die, and that we are a tiny dot in a vast universe.

To immediately clear out one misconception: you don’t have to belief in subjective reality to use it. It can be just one of the tools (perspectives) that you apply in your daily life. It is the same way you use an app on your phone: you don’t have to belief in the app to use it. So why do I want to explore this subjective reality perspective?

It is about increase my trust. To connect intensely with my reality and to recognise and follow my flow. I hope to gain new perspectives on my limiting beliefs, to reduce the fear in my life, and find new paths that powerfully align with what I truly want. I wish to upgrade the possibility space around me without using the power approach. Instead of pushing more I want to focus on flow and alignment to achieve the result.

This is not my first challenge or deep dive. It is a rather common practises on my spiritual and personal journey. Last year for example, I did the 30 day deep dive on abundance by Steve Pavlina. A personal develop course that expressed countless of exercises and tools to achieve more abundance. The subjective reality course is along the same lines but much more focused on one aspect.

Steve Pavlina created 60 audio fragments, one for each day, full of practises, mind shifts, guided walks, and information. From the 1st of February onward I will go through the material and start a new chapter in my spiritual journey. I will update this blog with meaningful insights, interesting exercises, and fascinating perspectives. I’m taking the red pill and you? 😉

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