The wisdom of the cards: Tarot

The wisdom of the cards: Tarot

The Tarot cards started as a ‘game’ around the 15th century in Europa. Over the years it transformed into specific cards used to practise fortune telling. Each region of Europa had his specific set of cards. This slowly merged into the set with Major Arcana and Minor Arcana that is used most often in today’s world. Fortune telling is still the main practise for these cards. 

The ago old Tarot cards poses a mysterious amount of information on life. The images on the cards are well crafted and contain many small details. For me they always reflect and illuminate a kind of feeling. Without knowing the exact details of the card, often a glance is enough to extract the most prominent parts. 

I must say, I don’t really ‘believe’ in these cards, that they can ‘predict’ your life story. I always see it as that they give a glimpse, a small piece of information, on your path. Still, it is you that needs to do the hard work. I find it fascinating that by laying down seemingly simple cards, you activate your thoughts and reflections on your life. It pauses you for a moment. You start to wonder which aspects of the cards apply to your life. It makes you think and I would say it doesn’t matter if you believe in them, it matters if you are open for them.  I see it as a method to stop the train of thoughts and come back into the present moment. That alone is very powerful.

There are multiple ways to lay down Tarot cards. The most easiest, but still very powerful, is a three card one. These three cards can represent multiple things, such as body, thought, spirit, or past, present, future. In each position of the card, the meaning will different. 

With my previous card drawing, a couple days ago, I looked into my body, the thoughts and my spirit. Let’s explore together the three cards and their meaning. For my body I drawn the ‘Ten of Rods’ card. It expresses a man carrying ten heavy rods. He is burdened by the heavy weight. Applying this on the current state of my body is easy. I recently started weight training which puts a lot of stress on my muscles and joints. I also started working fulltime on my job and my body does feel depleted at points in the week. The Ten of Rods card also explains that it could be possible that I put to much responsibility and burden on my body. That I need to slow down. Again, very familiar looking back on the past months. I started to train for a triathlon with a too aggressive work out schedule: 2 or 3 times running, 2 times cycling and once a week swimming. It unfortunately resulted in a knee injury. Sometimes my desire and drive is too much and I need to slow down, prioritise and rest enough. Similar with the weight training. I realise that I need to build it up slowly and respect and nurture my body.

The next card ‘Four of Swords’ is representing my thoughts. The cards depicts a knight laying down on a tombe in a church. Three swords hang above him and one beneath him indicating that the fight is over. His hands are in a calm praying position. A beautiful card if I’m honest. It clearly signals me to slow down and lower the amount of impulses for my thoughts. I immediately smiled at this card as it complements perfectly the fluctuation of energy during seasons. The autumn and winter are the seasons to quiet yourself and put your energy inward. This is difficult for me as the crazy world around me continues. So many opportunities arise and the feeling of missing out is large. Often I would just go for it but in these time of year I need to be more carefully. Conserve my energy and direct it to the meaningful people and activities. This card reminds me again to be conscious of my decisions and thoughts.

The last card represents my spirit: ‘Two of Cups’. It sketches a man and woman exchanging their drink in a ceremony. It symbolises trade, negotiating, energy and protecting. It is a rather positive card and thinking of spirit it can mean that their is balance. Something meaningful is being created. This is of course the work that I started a few weeks back. Also I’m making big plans for traveling in April which will help to find my true meaning in life and connects me to my deepest spiritual power. 

Tarot is a fun way to start thinking of your spiritual path, priorities in life, balance between body and mind, and numerous other aspects. If you have the cards or know were to find them, I would encourage to do a simple telling. It can open up many doors! 😉 


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