The power of intention

The power of intention

Would it not be great if it was possible to achieve your new goals in a mindful, conscious, efficient way and also contribute to your overall happiness? Setting an intention is a powerful way to move in this direction. I experienced an increase in satisfaction and balance in my life when I started to practise setting intentions.

This idea I came across in the book High Performance Habits from Brendon Burchard. The book pictures a comprehensive overview on the top six habits that make people high performance. Although Brendon comes across as a typical American salesman, the book offers valuable inside in how to seek clarity, generate energy, raise necessity, increase productivity, develop influence and demonstrate courage.

Setting an intention regularly returns in the chapters on clarity and energy. He discusses how to find and set intention on the feeling you are after. This is found crucial on alleviating emotions as fear, anger, sadness and replace them with for example excitement and happiness. How often have you thought about how you want to feel during an important business meeting? Personally I never did until that moment. Although I must admit I keep on struggling to implement this concept in my life. I do know how powerful this can be.

How often have you thought about how you want to feel during an important business meeting?

Releasing tension and setting intention is a method describe by Brendon to increase focus, energy and productivity between switching tasks. For example when I come home from grocery shopping, I sit down on a chair, close my eyes and start to put my focus on my breath. This part really helps me to release previous hold up emotions and thoughts. Before opening my eyes I set an intention, for example ‘I’m going to be fully present when I store these groceries on the shelves’. I regularly experimented with this technique and it gave me not only energy, but also a moment in the day to rest and reflect.

Most memorable experience with this technique was when I started to set clear intentions before each social encounter. I focused on what I wanted to receive from the conversation, instead of being moved by the unpredictable emotions and thoughts of the present time. It had a profound effect on the feeling afterwards as I noticed an increase in my satisfaction and happiness afterwards. I ticked all the boxes that I wanted to.

It is important to mention that keeping up with this practise, of setting intentions at each event, is challenging for me. At times I still make time to do it but writing this post reminds me of how powerful this technique really is. It urges me to start this road again and so should you.

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