It is to surrender to life, to whatever it throws at you, and to stay with it. To stay strong with an open heart and welcome all that is. Longing, pain, harmony, joy, sadness. Everything wants to be seen and be heard, how difficult it might be. As the tidal waves wash ashore on the sandy beach in Bali, so do the waves of emotions rise from deep within and ashore the body and mind. To let go of the unavoidable labeling of the mind in good and bad. To let it all just as it is; a laughter of joy, a tear of sadness; a hurtful pain in the heart, a restless feeling of longing.

It is to surrender to what you are: a human with all its ugly flaws and pearls of wisdom; with all its neediness, manipulation, and fears; all its light, fortune, and gentleness. Neither good neither bad. It is to be truly human and show all these sides to the world and recognize that all of them are within you, are part of you.

It is to surrender to the emptiness inside when you let go of things that don’t belong there, that don’t resonate anymore, that just clutter the system with an unwanted mess. To embrace this emptiness, to embrace this fear. It is a new energy, a new potential, a new sampling that sprouts, a a start of something new. Now is the time to go deep within. To truly connect with the rich inner world of your being.

It is to surrender to love; to a deep love for yourself, for others, for the world around you. To let it truly pierce your heart, loosen the tight grip on yourself, taking off your masks, letting go of the voice that screams that you have to do it all by yourself, and accept this remarkable gift that your heart longs for so long.

It is to surrender to all what enfolds, to let go of any outcomes, to accept and nurture anything that arises and falls.

It is to surrender to just be and all will be oke.

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