Three long minutes … eyes are open… searching. Searching for a comfortabel fixed point to take its rest, as a boat on a rough sea finding a sheltered spot to spend the night. It then settles on the head. Bald, a perfect landing spot for everything that wants to reach it.

Unease arises, the gaze want to moves itself again. It lowers down. This time the nose, sharply fixed against the light background of the face. Small black hairs are sticking out as what to appear as tiny spears to defend itself for intruders. The imperfection that makes everything in life so perfect.

The gaze lowers itself again, resting comfortably on the smooth shape of the mouth. Lips as small cushions popping out of the face, sharply defined on the face by a reddish colour. 

Moving up again and finally resting on the pupils in front. At that moment the gazes intertwine. They grip together as if a snake is forming himself around a helpless prey. No where to go. Energy is flowing between the strong connection of the eyes. Fear is creeping up in the body. Starting low in the stomach. Slowly making his way up to the lungs and now spreading towards the throat. The fear that is started by the ego that tries to protect his image. Uncomfortable feeling that this other person in front is looking right inside you. Everything around the person falls away. Only visible the eyes and face. Completely present in the view. It feels as if the person is becoming larger, more towards you, and trying to overwhelm you. The urge of ending the strong connection is apparent. But you have to hold on, as if a strong wind that wants to push you away from your tight grip on an object. 

Then, the fear slowly fates away as a wave that is over his highest point and start to crush down into the quiet water. The person in front is just an other human being, not of danger to the ego. The three long minutes are over, the end is there. 

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