Pictures tell stories – Design & Construct

Pictures tell stories – Design & Construct

Thousands of photos are stored in my Google Photos account from the past year of travel. I selected the 10 best pictures, with the most interesting stories, to give a good impression of my journey. Sit back and enjoy.

“Can you please secure this beam there…, 27 mm from the edge?” Michael is instructing me while giving me the other end of the beam. I take the edge and carefully position it at the almost washed out pencil mark. I’m looking around to find something to properly secure it. The space is small, just an alley next to the Metadrasi educational centre in Mitilini Lesvos. My friend and I are renovating inside the school. The transformation of an ordinary storage room to a useful library. This work is for the children that are transiting at the refugee camps on the island. These children have been through a lot. Some came here with only a brother or sister, some even without any close family. There are no words to describe the situation.

About a week ago we arrived on the Greek island Lesvos by car. The light gray Audi was fully packed with drills, hammers, big industrial looking trimming saw (that thing is amazing), boxes full of screws, and other general machinery to start building as soon as possible. Actually, there was no clear plan at arrival but as we met up with NGO’s, more and more projects came our way. The start of this wonderful adventure full of blood, sweat, tears and happy children faces, was here in this small alley. 

My eyes finally find the small red clamp I was looking for. I secure the plank tightly. “Ready to be cut” I shout back at Michael. He picks up the circular saw, checks once again the stability and starts the machine.

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