Pictures tell stories – Desert adventure

Pictures tell stories – Desert adventure

Thousands of photos are stored in my Google Photos account from the past year of travel. I selected the 10 best pictures, with the most interesting stories, to give a good impression of my journey. Sit back and enjoy!!

“How do you like the desert sir” the man asks me in broken English as I get off the camel’s back. “Unforgettable…” is the only thing I can reply. He looks at me with a smile. His dark weathered skin is fully lit up. The yellow turban merges beautifully with the colour of the sand around. His bright white loosely fit outfit reflects the sun rays as a mirror. I see in his joyful eyes the harsh living conditions here in the Tar desert Rajahstan.

Goats, men, women, children and camels are mixing together in a seemingly bizar scene in front of me. A few mud houses are scattered around and surrounded by palm trees, creating the necessary shade to survive the boiling hot sun. A new house is under construction. “For my son” the man with the yellow turban says. Concrete blocks are being stacked up as frame. A mud layer giving it more reflection from the sun.

“The old houses are much better” the man says to me. “Really thick mud walls, that is what we need. But the lads want quick and easy. Now it is too hot in there” He continues. I nod. A simple thermal mass calculation is processing in my mind and concludes the same.

My fellow group members gather as one by one get off their camel. Only one night we stayed under the splendid desert sky. As if thrown back in the old ages. A camp was set near the rolling sand dunes, dinner prepared on a small fire serving fresh chapattis, dahl, rice, and mixed vegetables, and comfortable stretchers put down as chairs and beds. Simple but somehow feeling so luxurious.

Peace fills my heart the moment my feet touch the desert sand. In front of me, the dunes are reaching as far as I could see as a frozen sea of waves. The soft warm evening breeze gently touches my skin as if it wants to huge me. Slowly I walk outside the camp were the other guests are stilling eating and listing to music. I climb the nearest sand dune. My bare feet are sinking down into the soft soil underneath. I feel completely at ease. The freedom, joy and wonder fill my heart.

I sit down cross legged. Everywhere big black desert beetles are strolling around, finding food, and making their save shelter. There nifty little legs are especially designed to move earth. It is beautiful to see how the sand gets thrown up high as the beetle quickly disappears into the hill side.

As dusk falls, the clouds slowly disappear and the bright moon is visible in the night’s sky. The stars are gently showing there light, fighting against the glowing white moon. As a flashlight it illuminates the camels in the distance. They are fetching their dinner from the small bushes and scrubs around. This beautiful untouched landscape has something so authentic that it resonates throughout my body. With awe I enjoy the stunning night sky!

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