Office fatigue

Office fatigue

Your energy is draining away. Staring at the screen with no intention to do anything productive. A lack of inspiration. No motivation. The feeling of some kind of unease rising in your stomach, difficult to lay your finger on. Thoughts of just leaving this place rising up in your ever thinking mind. Out of this chair, away from this desk, walking out of the office’s front door. To the light, the sun, nature, the singing of birds. To feel the wind play with your hair. Dodging the rain droplets coming down from the grey skies. Being at a place to feel comfortable again. Regaining energy. To take control of your life again.

Why I’m a doing this to myself? A thought bubbling up from deep within.
    “For the money to pay my bills” a convincing inner voice proclaims.
But isn’t money just a means to an end? A piece of paper that without care can be lost, can be burned. Merely pixels on a telephone screen… a number in a database… So why I’m a doing this work that I don’t even like?
    “To feel comfortable, belonging to a routine, predictability of income'” a soft voice whispers into the head. 
    “To set out for these future ‘things’ to acquire, to work towards the age were I don’t have to work. To finally relax and enjoy the life.”
You mean that fictitious life that you might have if everything follows your carefully structured fictitious plan in your head?
    “Yes”, it responds. “Yes, exactly that and nothing more. Is that too much to ask for?”
Didn’t I pronounce it clear enough? Life unfolds not as you planned it to be. How often did things turned out different then expected? How often did you end up at an unexpected place?
    “Well, yes, quite often. But I know this time, when I keep showing up, it will work out!”
How sure are you of that, my head? How sure?
    “We are good at what we do here. If we do the things we know, we will get rewarded for it. It is risky to start a new job. Right now we are in a good place money wise. It gives us freedom to do all things. And when we get this promotion, it will be even better.”
  Thank you head for being so honest. I see that you just want to protect me. To keep me safe from all things that could harm me. Thank you for that!

In this day and age, working at a desk behind a screen is as common as the rain in Ireland. A phenomena that I call ‘office fatigue’ is something that I hear few people about, but I’m sure you all know. Low energy, no inspiration and overall very low productivity. Not until recently, when I discussed this topic with a friend of mine, I heard how common this actually is. He talked to people at his office and they all acknowledge to feel this way at a certain point in the week. But they never discussed this what their peers or boss. So why is this topic avoided in many office environments? Why are we suppose to work in such a draining, uninspiring environment? The low productivity and tiredness is hurting the companies and economy. What if at all companies, a positive, energising, and inspiring atmosphere was the norm? I know for sure it will influence both the happiness of the people as the economy a great deal.

I think it is essential to be open about this topic and in general about our feelings of the place were we spend at lot of time. So what can you do in your work environment to get more energy? Is it decluttering your desk? Get inspiring quotes printed out? Or buy some more plants for the office? Discuss openly and with a friendly attitude with colleagues and supervisors these topics. Make sure you know what aspects get you into high performance method.

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