How it all started

How it all started

Several years ago a long term friend pointed me towards the personal development blog of Steve Pavlina. I desperately needed it at that time, to get me through a difficult part of my life. I stepped into this new fascinating world of consciously building skills, using different lenses to look at the Universe and all the juicy stuff to upgrade your life.

Baby step by baby step I slowly plunged myself deeper into it. I began to set 30 day challenges to expand my horizon. I started meditation to figure out what I feel, what I think and who I am. I set out to create more energy with diet and sport. Ever little step was a new challenge.

I joined Toastmasters to help me get better with public speaking. To help me with overcoming fear of being in front of people. You know that feeling when everyone is watching you? The fear bubbling up in your stomach. ‘what if this and this goes wrong’ your mind is whispering to you. And I must admit, it is a struggle to put myself on the front line . But I did it. Again and Again. Every time I succeeded I felt proud. One thing I learned is that overcome your fear feels amazing. To make progress in an area that is keeping you stuck for so long. What holds you back in life?

During August and September of this year I followed the deep dive into abundance, hosted by Steve Pavlina. The topics were so diverse that I don’t even know where to begin. One thing stood out for me. I could add value to the world by sharing my stories! Help other people, by giving my view on the world around me, my experiences.

Several months ago I removed my Facebook account. I was done with it. Too much distraction, too much information flying around which I wasn’t even interested in. A bold decision, but I had this feeling it was time to make a leap. To stretch myself and explore different territories. To find something else that is more aligned to me.

So I started this blog. I have few experience with writing. Then again, I see it as a growth experience, to stretch myself, to learn what I can learn. Being not afraid to put myself out there and sharing my perspectives. I have a gut feeling that this is what I should do. 

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