Feeling connected

Feeling connected

What makes you deeply connected to this world? What makes you feel alive? Common questions of people that think of life and its meaning :).

In one of the episodes of Steve’s ‘Submersion’ this topic was discussed in detail. Actually I think I listened to it the second or third time now. I remembered the previous time vividly. It was in the bus going from Adelaide towards Melbourne. It resonated a lot with me because I decided to go after a feeling of enthusiasm. Desire to connect deeply with a rising passion: cooking. 

I get the shivers thinking back on it because it was the best decision I could have made. Following this strong feeling and passion opened the floodgates for an intense, dynamics, loving, and beautiful experience in Melbourne. It started with committing to my passion for more than 100%. The universe was on my side. Not only could I work as chef but the energy also flowed into making new friends, explore nature around Melbourne, feeling love, and helping out in a community garden. In only a short time I found a place that I now call home.

So this is exactly what Steve describes in his audio blog. Finding your passion and start to deepen it in a strong way. Finding this passion might not be easy. Especially because it might be that you deny yourself of feeling it. I think a long time I just thought of cooking as something I just spend some more time on. In this travel I start to understand that this feeling inside of me is passion. It makes me really happy to learn and also to share. Especially talking about it generates something special. People recognize this and reflect it back to me. And slowly I became more aware of it.

The most important thing is to give yourself the permission to explore. Even if it is something that most people would laugh at. It is worth to take some small actions in deepening your knowledge. What is holding you back? Money, time fear? All of them? Start small, take an easy action; something that starts the chain of events. You will be surprised to see that very often the Universe will help you. The author of The Alchemist, Paulo Coelho, calls this ‘beginners luck’. 😉

It is important to keep an open mind. I didn’t know if it was even possible to work in the kitchen at Lentil. I started as waiter, slowly moved into cutting unions and tomatoes for hours, and then finally making my own dishes in the restaurant. People will recognize your attitude. Stay humble, be naturally enthusiastic and express your willingness to learn. New opportunities arise, you will feel the flow, and you connect fully with life. 

Do not forget that it cannot be all the time an amazing experience. After cutting so many unions I got really bored as you can imagine. Think back on why you are doing this. Your intention as you started this new chapter. Every time I got bored or had to do tasks that were less exciting, I said to myself: “yes I will do this task the best I can, as I know this will ultimately help me to be a good chef”. It gave me a lot of energy. 

If you want to feel connected it is important to discover what resonates within you. Start taking small steps in that direction. Forcing in a big way often leads to opposite results. Keep your intention and goal in mind, and let it flow in the direction it wants to go to. It is also accepting that sometimes it doesn’t work or you might be disappointed with the outcome. Integrate it in your life story, making mistakes is beautiful :).

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