Alternative Living

Alternative Living

What would you choice if you could change your life right now? Yes, this moment…BANG… your newly created life is there! Gone is everything you didn’t like, gone is the stuff that bothers you. The possibilities are probably endless if you take your time to sit and brainstorm. We are especially fortunate in our rich western society, as it feels as if we have a little bit of influence on our destiny. We can make changes to our lives the way we want to.

The pressures of today’s society to ‘make’ something of our life is received with more and more stress. Let’s be clear, in essence you don’t have to do anything ‘special’ in this world. The thing is that people think they have to do something special considering the perception of the most successful people on social media. The ego likes to stand out and it is good to acknowledge this. Don’t judge it too much but be mostly aware of it. Thinking back on my one year of travel, there was defiantly some ego involved. I wanted to be special for sure. But deep down I knew a stronger fire was there. Following this road was by no means the easiest. There is a small but subtle difference that can be felt between your ego wanting an extraordinary life or a deeper desire to live your dream.

A very interesting YouTube channel passed bye a few days ago: “Exploring Alternatives“. It is full of people that are sailing around the world for the last 5 to 10 years, people with tiny houses or self build houses in rural areas, people retiring at 40, and so on. Personally I have met quite a few interesting people in my travels that we can add to the list of alternative lives. People that are teaching yoga across the world, people doing remote work together with travel in different countries, people living in eco/alternative communities, and people that have been cycling for years across the world.

It is difficult to really find out what drives these people but I would say that most of them have a strong dream and are dedicated to get there. In essence this life transition is setting one’s values and ideals at number one. The material possessions and the typical office job doesn’t resonate anymore. They want to connect deeply to the world around; to nature, to people. They want to bring their talents forward and actually make a difference. They want a dynamic flow of life were one is challenged but on a very different level than a typical job. I think in most cases it is about going back to the basics; the struggle with the high waves and the strong winds on your tiny boat far away from any land; the struggle to grow your own food in a self-sufficient eco-village; feeling your body and the pain in your muscles as you cycle across the world.

On my travels I met many people with fascinating stories. All of them were searching for something deeper. A passion, a fire, a desire to feel alive. Some with big dreams but also some that wanted to run away from home, from responsibilities, from difficult situations. It is good to again ask yourself the question: why do I want to change my life? Why do I want to live an alternative life? Is it driven by ego or a big dream?

Don’t start to panic or feel guilty if you feel you are lacking in this area. I think this is totally normal and judging yourself harshly doesn’t lead to anything 😉. No, just observe your desires with a kind and understanding smile. Write them down, talk with people about it, and reflect on them. Maybe one day you will be ready to head into the world!

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