A poet: “zon”

A poet: “zon”

About 2 years ago I first spotted this poet at the train station ‘Amsterdam Sloterdijk’. It immediately gripped me. I started reading it over and over again wondering about what could be the meaning. Why does this particular poet touched me so much?

A few weeks back I spotted it again, this time at station ‘Duivendrecht’. The feeling of amazement was immediately back. Let me simply share it with you;

Ik sta een tijdje met mijn vriendje op de dijk.

Kijk, zegt hij: de zon zakt in de zee
en het licht zakt langzaam mee

en de schaduwen verdwijnen
en de kleuren van de dag

en als het donker wordt 
dan is het avond

en is het avond 
wordt het nacht.

Mooi hè, zegt hij.
En we zwijgen.

Het is mooi en
goed bedacht

I starts with a easy scene to visualise in the mind. A boy and a girl standing on a dike. It makes me smile that this typical dutch thing is mentioned ;). The next few sentences are explaining how the sun is going down, taking with it the light, shadows and colours of the day. This part flows for me  as a dance. I like how this is expressed on psper. As if the sun going down is taking everything with it.

What takes me by surprise each time are the last few sentences: ‘it is beautiful and nicely thought of’. It confuses the hell out of me, as everything that is mentioned above is some kind of dream. That something like that is not possible, that life is not that simple, and that perfection is not possible. Or maybe the author is thinking about her dreams and realising that as soon as she opens her eyes it doesn’t exists.

Let me know what you think of it!

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